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Pay attention to GB7258, publicizing grand sounding!

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       From October 25, 2017 to 26, sponsored by the China Standardization Association of automobile branch of the GB7258-2017 vehicle driving safety "technical conditions" (passenger) standard Publicizing will be held in Jiangsu city in Nanjing province. GB7258 is an important part of the national vehicle safety technology standard in China. The official release and implementation of GB7258-2017 "motor vehicle operation safety technology condition" will bring great influence to the automobile related industry.

        Ding'an traffic was invited to attend the publicizing, meeting CEO Wen Xiangwei as the new national standard of Ministry of public security experts on behalf of reflective vest participation units, with high brightness, Ding'an new product research and development of micro prism type reflective vest as an example, the requirements of quasi occupant safety vest vocal interpretation of the Ministry of public security is the standard, let the participants fully understand the technical terms reflecting vest and important changes, the vivid image of the speech participants praise and applause.
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